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Club News November 2019

Dear Member, What a success!....Peter Pan was a fantastic hit for all those who went. I actually cried laughing!!  I have been polling people as to what they would like to see and thank you so much to those who replied. In means a lot that people have put some thought into their likes and dislikes. Today I can ... More

Club News May 2019

Welcome to the new Members!Seems like a long time since the Bodyguard and there were mixed reviews for it.On the whole positive but I felt it over hyped or maybe I am just jealous of the male dancers? However, the coach stop within feet of the entrance to the theatre was perfect. Personally, I did enjoy The Girl on the ... More

Club News October 2018

Welcome to the new Style Newsletter! I am sending Newsletters now through "Sendgrid" which I already use for our Local Parish Council Newsletters as BT keeps blocking me...they think I am a spammer. So Please make sure you assign it "SAFE" status and "ALLOW" the pictures to be downloaded. I hope in future that you ... More

Club News April 2018

Newsletter for April 2018 Dear Members, • It’s nearly time for our next outing on Wednesday April 11th to see Mary Stewart at Bath and we STILL have some seats left unsold. So PLEASE ask friends if they would like to come along. I’d rather they were sold than unsold. • All arrangements for Mary Stewart are as ... More

Club Newsletter March 10th

Dear Members. This is a gentle reminder that we have a theatre visit coming up on April 11 for “Mary Stewart” and there are still 10 tickets left unsold, so PLEASE mention it to friends and encourage them to come along, otherwise we will have to return any unsold tickets which will lead to a loss for the club. DATE:... More

Club News March 2018

Dear All, "If March comes in like a Lion it goes out like a Lamb". I don't know about it being a Lion, but it certainly is like a Polar Bear! We now have a website at www.stinchcombetheatre.club  Please let me know what you think of it. All information about the plays, costs etc can be found there for easy access. ... More

Club News February 2018

Dear All, It’s nearly time for our first outing to “The Play that goes Wrong” and I can’t help feeling if the name is telling me something! I think I have everything covered, but you never know…. I even went down to Applegates, the coach people, as no contract or bill had appeared and yes, he has it in his ... More

Club News January 2018

Welcome to the Stinchcombe Theatre Club newsletter! A New Year and a New Club. What other day is better than this to launch! Our club although based in Stinchcombe, because that's where I live!, is open to all who like to visit Theatre to see plays, comedies, musicals, Shakespeare, ballet and opera. Many people today ... More

Club News December 2017

Merry Christmas to all! First, I must say thank you all for joining in the club and paying your yearly subs. Even though I confused most people with my “simple” form. I shall endeavour to do better. So, where are we at present? First of all, we now have 40 members, 16 from Stinchcombe, 9 from Dursley, 3 from ... More