Stinchcombe Theatre Club

Who we are and why.

“All the world’s a stage.” - William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Stinchcombe Theatre Club started in 2018 and now has members from Coaley, North Nibley, Stone, Cam, Dursley, and yes, even Stinchcombe!

So, why are people interested in a Theatre club?  What does it do?

First what it’s NOT.  It’s NOT a group that goes to a play and then discusses in depth what they saw. However, many people today who would like to go to the Theatre just don’t visit because of distance, travelling at night, difficulty in parking, going alone, organisation, in fact, a myriad of good reasons.

Stinchcombe Theatre Club was formed as a local group who want to facilitate the booking process, take all the worry out of travelling and parking,  and enable people to visit in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with groups of friends. In short, we make your visit more enjoyable by taking out the work.

We plan a theatre visit every couple of months or so. Tickets are sold to members on a first PAID FOR basis.

We are lucky that in the area from Bath to Bristol, Cardiff to Cheltenham, Malvern to Stratford and even Birmingham there are so many top-quality theatres. Theatres sell tickets at discounts to groups. The larger the group, the better the discount. The Clubs aim is to encompass the price of the coach travel within the price of this discount, so you pay as near as we can make it to the price on the ticket and travel for free.

If you are interested, please contact Richard for more information using the contact form.

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