Club News November 2019

Dear Member, What a success!….Peter Pan was a fantastic hit for all those who went. I actually cried laughing!! 

I have been polling people as to what they would like to see and thank you so much to those who replied. In means a lot that people have put some thought into their likes and dislikes. Today I can give you the details on our next two shows.

First, is the “Nutcracker” in January by the Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet at Bath. It will be my first ballet, so I can’t tell you much apart that the music is by Tchaikovsky!

Second play next year is “Band of Gold”, in March. This was requested by a member. Thank you, I do listen. If you remember the 90’s TV series, then you know what it’s about. This is a world premier stage production. A heatbreaking and humorous drams revolving around a group of women.
Both of these shows are not something that I would normally see myself, but that is the whole point of a Theatre Club…to go and see something different.

The website is now fully up to date again, so please use it.

DON’T FORGET2020 subscriptions need to be paid soon….£10 per person, so please pay with your ticket.

These will be available for all at the start of January…

In the meantime,
Best Regards to all,

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