Club News May 2019

Welcome to the new Members!
Seems like a long time since the Bodyguard and there were mixed reviews for it.
On the whole positive but I felt it over hyped or maybe I am just jealous of the male dancers? However, the coach stop within feet of the entrance to the theatre was perfect.

Personally, I did enjoy The Girl on the Train at the Everyman, Cheltenham much more.

And speaking of which, tickets are now available for “PETER PAN GOES WRONG” on Thursday 31st October.

Lots of people said that they were interested in going to this and we sold out before so I expect to sell out again. (Hint!)

Talking of selling out, I still have 10 tickets left for “MEASURE FOR MEASURE” at Stratford on Friday 28th June. This includes a meal at the Theatre overlooking the river.

I am now looking for something for Nov / Dec and will let you know.


Just Booked…..

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