Club News April 2018

Newsletter for April 2018

Dear Members,

• It’s nearly time for our next outing on Wednesday April 11th to see Mary Stewart at Bath and we STILL have some seats left unsold. So PLEASE ask friends if they would like to come along. I’d rather they were sold than unsold.

• All arrangements for Mary Stewart are as per last time, so the Bus leaves Street Farm at 5.30pm and picks up at Stone about 5.40pm.

• Thank you all so much for your prompt replies on the GDPR regulation. That’s one thing ticked and off my mind. I am sure everyone is now getting swamped by letters and emails about it. I still have six members who have not replied, so could you drop me a quick line sometime? Otherwise, I’ll be on to them!

• Everything and I mean everything, is now up on the new website so that should be everyone’s first port of call for all information. If it’s not up there, tell me and I’ll make sure it is.

• I have now PAID for and received the tickets for “The Height of the Storm” and “A Christmas Carol” but at present I am STILL waiting for the box office to open for “Twelfth Night” although there are now only four seats left un-reserved!


Now the BAD news….when paying cheques into the Bank, my wife (Jane) told me to notate everyone’s name against the amount, to which I said rubbish!…Now I have received an extra £48 on the Bank Statement which I can’t track down, so if you sent me a cheque for £48 for the play Mary Stewart, can you drop me an email so I can identify the missing person. – I told you all I was rubbish at accounts!

We now have a space between September 20th and December 7th so if anyone sees / hears of anything for early November perhaps they could drop me a line.

Regards to all,


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