Club News February 2018

Dear All,

It’s nearly time for our first outing to “The Play that goes Wrong” and I can’t help feeling if the name is telling me something! I think I have everything covered, but you never know….

I even went down to Applegates, the coach people, as no contract or bill had appeared and yes, he has it in his book. Last time I booked a coach I had to sign a contract and pay in advance. Times must have changed.

We are leaving now from the BUS STOP outside the VILLAGE HALL in Stinchcombe. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE VILLAGE HALL. Otherwise I will get slowly roasted by the committee. Instead either park, as arranged, in the rugby club or park directly opposite the village hall at our house, STREET FARM. We have plently of parking on the menege.

If you can see the attached picture, looking towards Dursley standing at the main entrance to the Village Hall, the Bus Stop is Opposite the car parked on the road, our drive is on the right. Just go up the drive, through the gates and the menege is on the right.

We shall depart Stinchcombe at arranged at 5.30pm. Everyone bar two will be departing from Stinchcombe and those we will pick up at STONE BUS STOP at 5.40pm.

We should arrive back at Stinchcombe around 10.30pm so everyone should be home around 11.00pm.

Tickets will be given out on the bus.

1. Someone asked me if they could pay by BACS. This will be fine as long as I receive an email detailing exactly what, and why you are paying.
2. Gift Tokens. Ever not known what to give someone as a birthday present? How about a Theatre Trip voucher. I would be happy to provide a voucher if you wanted to give one.
3. Members. We have 48 members now but we do need to grow, as a bigger bus would reduce the price of the tickets. This is where you can help. Attached is a Press Release for the club. Perhaps everyone could send it on to two or three people they know and explain about the club.
4. The Next Play “Mary Stuart” has been slow on ticket sales. Any reason? I want to book an Open Air Shakespeare production of Twelth Night in the last week of July by the Cotswold Arcadians at Hatherop Castle, but I won’t have the funds to unless the “Mary Stuart” tickets are sold.
5. Perhaps I could have an indication now if people are interested in the Shakespeare? Have a look at the website If you have never been, it’s an experience all should try.

Whatever, I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 13th February for the “Play that goes Wrong” and hope that this doesn’t refer to the organisation.

Best Regards


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