Club News January 2018

Welcome to the Stinchcombe Theatre Club newsletter! A New Year and a New Club. What other day is better than this to launch!

Our club although based in Stinchcombe, because that’s where I live!, is open to all who like to visit Theatre to see plays, comedies, musicals, Shakespeare, ballet and opera.

Many people today don’t visit Theatres because of the distance, travelling at night, parking, organisation etc. In fact, a myriad of good reasons. Stinchcombe Theatre Club is just a local group of people who want to help like-minded people to visit in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Please let me have feedback on the club Newsletter “Pipeline” and I need to know it got to all members. If it works, then this format will be used on an ongoing basis as most people have indicated they want information by email. If it went to spam then add it to your “trusted contacts”.
If you want to add other members of the household to the contact list, then please drop me a line.

I have just been told that we need an option to pay and book online. If this is what others want as well I will look into it. Do people want to pay by BACS / APP or Paypal?? I have no objection.

It’s fantastic that we are already sold out for the Play that goes Wrong and we have 47 members before our first outing! Well done to all those who have talked about the club and encouraged their friends to join.

So please look at the next play coming up and book up soon…

Regards, Richard

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